Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Countertops & Tile Installation - Charlotte NC

Everyone knows that granite can add value to your home. Granite countertops can help an older home sell faster and for more, even in a stagnant market.

The new trend in Charlotte and surrounding areas are Tile Backsplashes.

Tile Backsplash is the new look in all Charlotte communities. Named the "gourmet kitchen", tile backsplashes add a custom touch to any kitchen.

Tiles come in a number of shapes, sizes and colors. And if that selection isn't enough, you can also pick out what color grout. The color options are almost endless.

If you are looking to transform your kitchen or bath, granite is not as expensive as it used to be several years ago. We offer a granite package deal (often immitated in Charlotte NC) that includes everything for just one price, rather than a price per square foot and then upcharging for each additional item.

New Undermount Stainless Steel Sink
All Cut, Polishing and Faucet Holes
Custom Cut 3CM Granite & Installation
Removal / Disposal of existing tops
One day installation
Choice of 6 different edge treatments
Many colors to choose from

The average kitchen is around 50 square feet. Including everything above, we charge for 50 Sq Ft---just $1999. Taxes included.

Transform your kitchen for an affordable price. Custom Work for Wholesale prices!

For more photos of tile backsplashes, please visit us at www.fireplacecarolina.com

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  1. Good work!!

    Granite bath tiles, which has been so prevalent in the last five years has seen it's peak. Of course, it will always be relevant as it is a natural product. Granite is next only to diamonds in stiffness. It is only the best work exterior obtainable. Its refined end will not wear off. Unlike marble, synthetic and laminate countertops, granite countertops will not blister, scratch or crack; and they are very stain challenging.