Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Tile Installation - Simple Accents to Your Remodel

Check this out. Want to take part in the tile trend but still on a budget? See what this homeowner in Charlotte did in these photos.
Instead of creating what is called a "Gourmet Kitchen" by having complete tile backsplash from countertop to cabinet, they contracted us to install a simple backsplash consisting of one single row of Rialto White 4 x 4 Tiles. Then, to accent the tile more, we installed a backsplash behind the stove with Uba Tuba granite tiles (that match their newly installed granite).
Tile backsplashes are a perfect way to accent your kitchen or bath, or to also compliment your newly installed granite.
As these homeowners did, the Uba Tuba 4 x 4 in-lays over their stove match their granite countertops perfectly, giving the kitchen an extra WOW factor.

Thought tile backsplash was too expensive? Think again.

The options to redesigning your kitchen and bath are endless and the prices range pending on the square footage or styles.

Tile backsplash doesn't have to be an expensive addition and you can be as creative with the colors, in-lays, or tile sizes as you want.


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